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Edgar Allan Toe

One of our designers, Scott Heffernan, decided to take a picture of his son with this awesome Halloween dad joke using our Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos. Scott’s son has a temporary Poe toe! That little piggy is Edgar Allan Toe. Click here to order your own set of Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos.

Bandage sleeve

You’ve heard of a tattoo sleeve, but how about a bandage sleeve? This particular sleeve features a colorful array of our bandages. You can see Boo Boo Kisses, Bacon, Rainbow Monkey, Mustache, Underpants, Jesus, Jane Austen, Crime Scene, Pirate, Macaroni and Cheese, Pickle, Abraham Lincoln, Enchanted Unicorn, Cupcake, Affirmation and Skin Art Bandages. Just because [...]

Nunzilla Tattoo!

Tess Donohoe sent us a picture of her awesome new Nunzilla tattoo.  The tattoo is by Lisa Murphy and colored by Janine Ashton.  Tess tells us that she’s Irish and went to convent school which means that she has had actual encounters with Nunzillas.

Super Fan Barcode Tattoo

  Lorin “Big Lo” Sandretzky stopped by our offices earlier this year to film a spot about one of his charity events for the local news. Big Lo, you may remember, was the model for our Super Fan Action Figure. Although the action figure was not one of our better sellers, we’ve always had a [...]