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Archie McPhee snowflake by Kit Cameo

We love Kit Cameo‘s themed snowflakes so much we commissioned her to do an Archie McPhee snowflake:

As you can see, it’s utterly amazing. She worked in the Horse Mask, the Unicorn Mask, the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats and Groucho Glasses.

In case you haven’t seen them before, here are her wonderful Cthulhu and Pirate snowflakes:

You can even pick a theme yourself and have her make one for you!

Thanks, Kit!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, matey! As afficionados of pirate paraphernalia we’re happy to report that today, September 19th, is the 10th anniversary of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Blimey!

Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day website to brush-up on all the pertinent pirate lingo and get to work on expertly rolling your rrrrrr’s. Savvy?

Then grab your favorite tricorn hat, put on your Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch, perhaps even an Inflatable Tentacle Arm, and grab a fistful of Pirate Bandages (in case you or your fellow buccaneers cut yourselves on a cutlass or run into the mizzenmast) and have a rip-roaring, swashbuckling day. Yarrrr!

(Pictured above: The Seafair Pirates paying their annual visit to the Archie McPhee store.)

The UPS Official Pirate Map

Pirate map

UPS sent us this helpful map of places our packages might be in danger from pirates. We would like to offer two helpful suggestions from the perspective of a company that has had some success with pirates. One, instead of “high risk areas for piracy” on the legend, it should say, “HERE BE PIRATES.” Two, they should have put an “X” on the map to show where UPS has buried their treasure.

One thing they did get right is that it was delivered by a fellow with a black spot on his hand that died soon after giving it to us.

Click picture for larger view.