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When you’re giving the gift of a bottle of wine or simply want to transport a bottle with panache, we’ve got you covered with Vinderhosen – tiny lederhosen (you know, those distinctly German leather breeches) that snugly and stylishly fit onto a bottle of wine. Even wine bottles like to dress up before going out.

Here we see a Secret Unicorn who not only appreciates the appeal of dressing up a bottle of wine, but also delights in how it coordinates with their own furry pink lederhosen:

We should mention that wearing lederhosen to match your Vinderhosen, while awesome, is completely optional. Either way, a bottle of wine wearing a tiny pair of pants is sure to put a smile on people’s faces.

Have you seen my secret unicorn?

Oh no! The Korduroys have lost their secret unicorn. Will they be able to find him in time to save themselves from a boring, dismal life? Watch this video and find out:

You can get your own Unicorn Mask and Inflatable Unicorn Horn at mcphee.com.

Special thanks go out to our awesome friend Rusty Blazenhoff for participating in this video!

Horse Head Mask Sightings

We absolutely love it when people spot our Horse Head Mask while they’re out and about. It didn’t take long for us to learn that it really could show up anytime and anywhere, which delights us to no end. Here are three recent sightings:

This triumphant, leather-clad horse-man was seen at the New York Comic Con.

ontheborderland spotted not just one, but two Horse Head Masks enjoying a leisurely boat ride through Inokashira Park in Tokyo.

Redditor atcaskstrength spotted this equine bookworm while boarding a plane, proving once again that you never know when a little awesomeness is about to enter your life.

Who knows where the Horse Head Mask might appear next? We can’t wait to find out. Until then you can check out CreepyHorseMask.com for more pictures and videos.