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Customer Envelope Art!

One of the things we miss about getting most of our orders through the mail is the way customers used to decorate their envelopes. People didn’t just put a stamp on them and send them out, these folks spent some serious time and effort. While I was going through an archive, I came across a stack of them that we’d saved. One is by Steve Purcell, creator of Sam and Max! Here’s a few of the best.

Click pictures to see larger sizes!

Bibo Takes Seattle - Envelope Art

Martian Popping Thing Poem - Envelope Art

Break the Shackles of mindless conformite! Buy from Archie McPhee! Envelope Art

Sunbather - Envelope Art

Look Ma! I'm a Martian Popping Thing! Envelope Art

Thanks Archie! Pugsly Envelope Art

Martian Cuke – The Forgotten Cousin of the Martian Popping Thing

Cuke - Distant Relative of the Martian Popping Thing

The Martian Popping Thing is one of our best sellers, why wouldn’t we want to replicate its success? Well, the 20 year old Martian Cuke from our archives pictured above was an attempt to do just that. We tried to make it look a little less phallic by coloring it green, but people still found it disturbing. They would have found it even more disturbing if they knew it was designed originally by the manufacturer as a baby toy. If it could yodel, it would probably have sold.