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Funny Or Not Funny – Season 2 – Epidsode 3

In this episode of “Funny Or Not Funny” Gibson challenges Nai, our ultimate authority on what is and isn’t funny, to engage his nose and his taste buds while determining the funny factor on a variety of products.

Get ready to watch Nai face off with the likes of Bacon Soap, Machismo Mints, Cheesy Nacho Mints, Bacon Toothpaste, Cupcake Toothpaste, Pickle Toothpaste.

It’s only a pity that this video isn’t scratch-and-sniff, because this episode is an olfactory extravaganza. Check it out:

Season 2 of Funny or Not Funny With Nai!

Nai has worked here almost since the company started and he has lots of opinions about what we sell. To film this, we put Gibson and Nai in a room together with a box of products and let Nai judge their level of humor. There are no gray areas. They are either funny or not funny.

Probably the most honest product reviews on the web!

In this, the premiere episode of season 2, Nai weighs in on World’s Largest Tweezers, Dear Leader Tongue Scraper, World’s Longest Beard and the Stress Cupcake.

Zombie Mints and Possible Time Travel Problem

Gibson of the past, meet now Gibson

While searching for an image to use on our Zombie Mints tin in an old French anatomical book, Matt was shocked to find the drawing above.  It looks just like our co-worker Gibson Holub. At first we all thought it was funny, but after watching the last season of Lost, we have a new theory. We think that this drawing, done in France in 1865, is incontrovertible proof that Gibson is about to travel back in time, join the Dharma initiative and then die for reasons that won’t be explained until next season.

You have to admit, it is creepy to find a drawing of yourself with your brains exposed.

Funny or Not Funny With Nai

Here is the first episode of our new web series, Funny or Not Funny With Nai. Nai has been with Archie McPhee for almost 20 years and is the person we go to for wisdom. He is also one of our most opinionated employees and is not shy about sharing what he thinks of our products.  After the many long discussions we’ve had with him, we decided to film one and share it.

Archie McPhee Catalog 56, 1997

Archie McPhee Catalog Cover

Catalog 56 was our most controversial catalog ever. It marked our move from black and white on newsprint to beautiful color on glossy paper. Believe it or not, we lost customers over this! Or so they said, we got lots of letters from people who said they were giving up on us because we dared to show the products in color. We have a feeling that they continued to order, but we don’t hold their initial resistance against them. Change is hard. In the end, it did help us gain new customers, but as this letter from inside the catalog points out, we mostly spread by one Archie McPhee customer finding a kindred spirit and sharing us.

Hey Archians!

I’ve procured a new sacrifice to the gods of silliness. He’s actually my math teacher (he grew enamored with your catalog after he confiscated it in class).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for existing – you guys always make my week.

Mucho Respecto,

Eva S.

See Catalog 56 here!

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Do Narwhals Have Blowholes?

Two designers from Archie McPhee, Gibson Holub and Matt Cory, have joined their formidable talents together and written a book! It’s called Do Narwhals Have Blowholes? and is perfect for that kid you know that’s a little smarter than other kids and who appreciates the weirder things in life. It tells the story of two Yetis who go on a quest to find out the answer to the title question. Obviously, from the subject and theme, you can tell they’ve been working here a long time.

The opening for the book was Saturday and was attended by Archie McPhee employees past and present as well as many smarter than average kids. There was an energetic reading and an art show.

If you would like to purchase a book, a print or a button that says “Lemming Attack!” then hop on over to their website. The book is also available on Amazon if you prefer.

Gibson and Matt Signing Copies of Do Narwhals Have Blowholes

The authors sign their book.