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The Existential Coloring Book

The Existential Coloring Book is packed to the gills with animal-people paired with dark quotes from philosophers and other people worried about the essential dark unknowability of the universe.

It’s also full of thoughtful yet melancholy activities! From an existential connect-the-dots to a page where you can draw what Kierkegaard is thinking about, you’ll being sighing with joy as you work on them.

This looks like a coloring book for kids, but it’s probably not a good idea to give it to one, unless they’re really smart and more than a little weird.

This twenty-four page, 8″ x 10-1/4″ book is a great gift for philosophy majors or anyone else overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. It features quotes from existential thinkers, mysterious pictures to color and mildly depressing activities.

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Googly-eyed shenanigans at ECCC

Jenny Sparks and her husband Lars made brilliant use of a pair of our Giant Googly Eyes here in Seattle last weekend at the Emerald City Comicon.

Googly Eye Galactus

Googly Eye Batman

They mounted the Giant Googly Eyes on a stick and asked cosplayers to pose for photos with them. As you can see the results are nothing short of awesome.

Googly Eye Harley Quinn

Googly Eye Klingon

Even our own underpants-wearing squirrel got in on the action:

Believe it or not, the photos you see here are just the tip of the awesome iceberg.

Click here to view the complete set.

Random fun at the push of a button

We’re proud to introduce a new feature on the Archie McPhee website:

The Random Product button!

Our products are already totally random. In our many futile attempts to organize them into categories (other than the obvious ones like mustaches and bacon) we realized it was impossible and that no one is actually looking for anything we’re selling. To solve that problem, we’ve put a Random Product button on every product page. That way, you can explore our site without knowing what you want. Click the picture above and you’ll be taken to your first random page. Then, keep clicking. It’s addictive and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you never knew existed.

Click for a random product

Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes

Giant Googly Eyes are all sorts of fun in the light of day, but what happens when the sun goes down? Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean the googly-eyed fun has to end. Thanks to these new giant, glow-in-the-dark googly eyes you can avoid such a trag-eye-dy!

These eyes look amazing during the day and in the dark of night. Just peel off the adhesive back and start sticking them to things. Exposure to light charges up their glowing action. They’re perfect for decorating tombstones, your garage, a haunted house or just hanging above your child’s bed and telling him that a monster is watching him sleep. A million laughs!

This is an Archie McPhee exclusive!

How to Throw A Mustache Party With Free Pin The Mustache on 70s Burt Reynolds Game

The first decision you have to make when you throw a mustache party is whether you are going to draw the mustaches on or go for the more realistic stick-on fake mustaches. If you do decide to draw them on remember the most important warning, DO NOT USE PERMANENT MARKER!

If you decide to go with stick-on mustaches, there are five types to choose from. For the guest of honor, we recommend the Jumbo Handlebar Mustache. This is the most impressive fake mustache we have ever seen and will give him or her the feeling of being the master of mustaches.

Next, there is the Bendable Party Mustache. These cost a bit more than the rank and file fake mustache, but they are totally posable. You can have a completely different look every time you turn around. You can go from dapper to dreamy with a simple adjustment.

The final three varieties are all simple patches of fuzz with adhesive on the back. These are the ones to give out to special, but not that special party folk. We recommend a mix of all three types. Our most popular is the Stylish Mustaches, which contains seven styles of varying colors. If you’re more into the slightly kitschy/creepy mustache, perhaps you’d prefer the Pencil Thin Mustaches. If you have some ladies that are uncomfortable with wearing a mustache, we suggest our Stylish Mustaches for Girls which feature seven different styles in a pretty shade of pink that shouts, “This is a lady-stache and I’m proud of it!”

Another thing you can do is make mustache cookies. If you don’t have a cookie cutter shaped like angel wings, you can buy a mustache cutter here. (Link is to another company) Don’t underestimate the appeal of mustache-shaped food like shoestring french fries, Cheetos and limp asparagus. Also, it’s fun to serve cream-based drinks at the party like White Russians or Eggnog as these are the most likely drinks to add even more milk-mustachey goodness to the party.

As for party favors, our own magnetic facial hair products are good, but if you want to spend a bit more for a unique hand-crafted item, go to Etsy and search for mustache.

And finally, make sure you play some games like mustachioed celebrity charades or Pin the Mustache on 70s Burt Reynolds (Our gift to you. Click here for printable PDF).

Pin the Mustache on Burt Reynolds - The Game

Have fun!