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Beard of Bees Failure

EDIT: Since this post was published, we have finally figured out a way to make our dream a reality. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR BEARD OF BEES! Where would we be without our dreams? All progress is based on coming up with a seemingly impossible idea and then figuring out how to make it reality. [...]

Failed Product Sample – Shamrock Skull

We love when factories send us samples of things they think we’ll like. For instance, this festive Shamrock Skull which we assume was designed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The festive green and shamrock on the forehead would surely please anyone looking to celebrate their Irish heritage. We won’t be carrying it.

Torpedo Story – The Department of Defense Comes After Us!

It seemed like a good idea and a good product! M5609 Torpedo $89.50 Fire one! Fire Two!  Fire as many as you want! This ROTC surplus dummy torpedo never held any actual explosives, but is looks like it did.  With its sturdy metal and plastic construction and its length of just over 51″ in length, [...]

Unused Unicorn Designs – Unicorn Fail or Unifail

Back in 2005 Unicorns were all the rage. At least they were for us. We did the Avenging Unicorn and then decided to spin off the line in new and fantastic directions. Below are some of our unproduced designs. Perhaps, they will be made someday, but until then, they, like actual unicorns, exist only in [...]

The True Story of Zombie Jesus! (Even though you probably won’t believe it.)

The story of the Zombie Jesus is hotly debated by our customers. They accuse us of cleverly importing a Zombie Jesus and trying to market it as a production mistake. Even when we tell customers the truth, they tend not to believe us. So, I’m here to set the record straight. It was a mistake. [...]

Failed Snow Globes

Every once in a while we get samples from a factory that we didn’t ask for. This company decided to show us what some of our catapult ammunition would look like in snow globes. The person who put them together had a great sense of humor, but we decided not to buy them. These are [...]