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Off-Brand April Fool’s Pranks

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, Secret Fun Blog has dipped into their seemingly infinite supply of old novelty items to provide beautiful pictures and stories about the off-brand version of the all time best pranks. They’re doing one a day for the whole month. Including this early precursor to our Emergency Yodel Button.

He also tells the story of the product that was the foundation of the novelty industry, Sneezing Powder!

If we’re talking about the original sneezing powder, the stuff that was sold up through the 1940s, then we should call it by its real name– dianisidine chlorosulphonate. This substance was adopted by the Germans in WWI as a chemical weapon. They poured it into shrapnel shells and fired it at the French, but its use was discontinued because “it has only limited ability to create casualties on the battlefield…” (quoting Chemical and Bioligical Warefare by Eric Croddy)

See the rest of the pranks here, including Trick Cheese, Jumping Candy and Hot Dog With Fly!

Free Web-Based Emergency Yodel Button

As a company, we feel a certain responsibility to cheer people up during difficult times. The current economic downturn, bad weather and the confusing, lackluster third season of Heroes have all contributed to our decision to release a free, web-based version of one of our most popular products, the Emergency Yodel Button. This is cloudware of the highest order, fully integrated with your actual Yodel Button. It has a brand new feature, multi-yodel generation capacity. This new feature allows the yodel button to yodel with itself when the button is pressed multiple times.

So, the next time you find yourself depressed, grumpy or constipated and you have web access, just go here and press the button to make everything all better.

Emergency Yodel Button

Top Five Completely Useless Christmas Gifts of 2008

We at Archie McPhee are experts at the useless, impractical and stupid. In that vein, we offer our list of the Top Five Completely Useless Christmas Gifts of 2008! They’re currently featured on our homepage, but here are the links to individual products. There are no better gifts to surprise, bewilder and confuse the people on your gift list. Just remember, they’ll forget the socks and sweater, but they’ll remember Squirrel Underpants forever!

Here they are:

1. Squirrel Underpants

2. Inflatable Fruitcake

3. Bacon Floss

4. Santa Dreidel

5. Emergency Yodel Button