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Introducing Nihilist Toothpaste

No Flavor. No Color. Nothing.

We don’t believe in dental hygiene.

Nihilism is a philosophy defined by what it doesn’t believe. At its most extreme, Nihilists don’t believe in anything. So, when we decided to make toothpaste for nihilists, we decided that it shouldn’t taste like anything because they don’t believe in flavor. Brushing your teeth with Nihilist Toothpaste is really brushing them with a big dollop of reality. This is a perfect present for your favorite philosopher, a moody teenager or a fan of The Big Lebowski.

Nihilist Toothpaste – Toothpaste for those that believe in nothing.

“Birthday-cake flavored everything sells”

Dan'l enjoys cupcakes

Sometimes there’s nothing we like better than a rich bite of cake slathered in sweet frosting.
So many people enjoy cake so very much that USA Today recently published an article by Bruce Horovitz about the trend in birthday cake and frosting-flavored products currently on the market. Included among the products they mentioned was our very own frosting-flavored Cupcake Toothpaste:

Novelty product maker Archie McPhee’s Cupcake Toothpaste hit the market in 2011. Spokesman David Wahl says one dad e-mailed his kid’s comments to the company: “He says it isn’t like he’s brushing his teeth anymore — he’s frosting them.”

Cupcake toothpaste

Taking care of your pearly whites while enjoying the sweet taste of frosting sounds like a dream come true, which is exactly why we made it happen.

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[Photo via Archie McPhee Seattle]