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International Cephalopod Awareness Days

We’re great fans of cephalopods. (You know, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, and so on.) In fact, the Archie McPhee store even has a bathtub full of Finger Tentacles, including one ginormous tentacle:

So we were delighted to learn about International Cephalopod Awareness Days. October 8th through the 12th is all about celebrating cephalopods, “the most intelligent invertebrates in the world.”

What better way to celebrate these tentacular creatures than with some cephalopods and things that turn you into wonderful mutant cephalopods? Put on your Tentacle Mustache:

Then slip on some Finger Tentacles (or Cthulhu Tentacles for the more sinister cephalopod lovers) and a Tentacle Arm (because there’s no such thing as too many tentacles), take a quick turn with your Scalp Squid Head Massager, and take a sip of coffee from your Octopus Porcelain Mug.

Make sure you don’t leave home without putting all your important stuff in your Hungry Squid Bag:

Follow the Cephalopod Days tumblelog to learn all sorts of interesting things about cephalopods. Use the hashtag #cephdays on any of your own tumblr posts, tweets and photos that are related to International Cephalopod Awareness Days to share them with other cephalopod fans.