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Torpedo Story – The Department of Defense Comes After Us!

It seemed like a good idea and a good product! M5609 Torpedo $89.50 Fire one! Fire Two!  Fire as many as you want! This ROTC surplus dummy torpedo never held any actual explosives, but is looks like it did.  With its sturdy metal and plastic construction and its length of just over 51″ in length, [...]

Our Book Reviewed – The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times reviewed our book, Who Would Buy This, today. The review is by Jack Broom, the man who helped make the Librarian Action Figure world famous. Not only did he enjoy the book, he dubbed our boss “The King of Quirk,” a nickname that will be repeated often in our offices. Of course, [...]

Archie McPhee’s Owner on NPR

Our owner Mark, discusses his book about the history of our company on NPR with Jeremy Richards! Click here to listen, Mark starts about 12 minutes in.

The Archie McPhee Book is here!

Our new book, Who Would Buy This? The Archie McPhee Story, is here right now and ready to purchase. If you buy it from us, you’ll get $5 off the $24.95 cover price! It’s chock full of beautiful color pictures and the stories behind some of our most famous products. The long term fan will [...]