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Shana on New Day Northwest

Shana, our one and only High Priestess of Rubber Chickens, recently made an appearance on King 5’s New Day Northwest. On April Fools’ Day, while sporting a massive pair of Man Hands, Shana showed Margaret Larsen and the studio audience a selection of products that make great pranks on a day devoted to mischief.

It’s a delightful demonstration of some of our favorite new items and classic tricks:

Evening Magazine visits Archie McPhee

Kim Holcomb of King 5’s Evening Magazine paid a visit to the Archie McPhee store on April Fools’ Day where Shana, our one and only High Priestess of Rubber Chickens, hosted a game of “Real or Not” to see if viewers could guess which of our products are real and which are April Fools’ Day pranks.

Watch the video and take the quiz to test your Archie McPhee savvy:

April Fool’s Day Giveaway

Spring has officially sprung and that means that April Fool’s Day is upon us. In fact, it’s this Sunday! As you know, we’re not the sort of people to to let April Fool’s Day pass uncelebrated, no way. This year we’re celebrating by giving away free Instant Underpants to anyone who places an order at mcphee.com from 6PM 3/31 to midnight on 4/1.

That’s right, place an order at mcphee.com between 6PM 3/31 to midnight 4/1 and we’ll send you a FREE pair of Instant Underpants to keep until you need them. And believe us, you’ll KNOW when you need them.

In fact, if this promotion makes you so excited you soil yourself, you are in luck! Just pop open the tin, immerse the underpants pellet in water, wait a few minutes, and BAM, you’ll have your very own spare pair of undies ready to go. We think you deserve them and no emergency preparedness kit should be without them.