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Edgar Allan Toe

One of our designers, Scott Heffernan, decided to take a picture of his son with this awesome Halloween dad joke using our Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos. Scott’s son has a temporary Poe toe! That little piggy is Edgar Allan Toe. Click here to order your own set of Edgar Allan Poe Tattoos.

Unicorn Prancercising

After watching Joanna Rohrback’s amazing Prancercise video, we couldn’t resist making our own version. Without further ado, here’s “Unicorn Prancercising” featuring our Magical Unicorn Mask: If you’re craving even more Prancercise fun, check out

Just another day at Archie McPhee

Why yes, that is a blessing of Finger Narwhals riding Optimus Prime. We have Archie McPhee designer Scott Heffernan to thank for creating this delightful sight. It’s tough to have a bad day when things like this are happening around you.

Slicey the Pig comes to life

One of the highlights of the Halloween season is the entire Archie McPhee store staff dressing up in different costumes for an entire week leading up to (and including) Halloween itself. There have been many truly great costumes over the years. (You can peruse a few years’ worth via the store’s Flickr account: 2008, 2009, [...]

Evolution of the Dashboard Monster

This video should be a treat for anyone who is curious about how our products come into existence, from initial inspiration to idea to final product. In this case, the final product is the Dashboard monster. It’s a great peek inside the creative heart of Archie McPhee:

Funny Or Not Funny Season 2 Episode 2

I don’t want to spoil anything in this episode, but what does Nai have against sporks? Featuring the Extendable Spork, Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet, Finger Tentacles and the Creepy Horse Mask!

Holiday Cake 2009 – Onion Ring Mints

Our amazing company baker, Cori, outdid herself this year! While it looked exactly like a tin of our Onion Ring Mints, it, thankfully, did not taste like onions.

Funny or Not Funny with Nai 3 – The Painting Edition

Bonus footage after the end credits! Watch the last episode here. You can find the paintings reviewed here!

Announcing Monkey Goggles!

You will be forgiven if your first thought when you read the headline was that Archie McPhee was going to start making glasses for monkeys, it totally sounds like something we would do. But in this case, Monkey Goggles refers to a website. Think of it as a literary magazine whose sole sponsor is Archie [...]

Archie McPhee Store Staff Tattoos

If you’re ever in Seattle, you have to stop by our store. Not just for the amazing products and great customer service, but also for the staff tattoos. Below you’ll find the first┬ábunch of them. Pete is a serious werewolf afficianado and this tattoo of a wolfman hand coming out through his skin is visible [...]