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He She Jem Doll, Do You Remember?

Jem Doll With Male Head

The He She dolls were an actual factory mistake. See, there was this cartoon show called Jem about an imaginary pop star and she wore crazy clothes. When they went to make the action figure they accidentally put a male head on the body. We can’t be positive, but the one in the picture above looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone. Could it be they mistook Sly for Jem?

One Jem fan told me that the head also looks like Jem’s boyfriend Rio.

We sold out of the original run of them quickly and asked the factory to repeat the mistake. As with most happy accidents, it didn’t work when they did it on purpose. They just sent us an effeminate male doll in vaguely female clothes.

For more pictures, check out our book.

Who is Bibo? Why is Bibo?

Our oldest fans know who Bibo is already, but some of you who found us more recently might only recognize him from the masthead of this blog. A little explanation is in order.

Bibo is a found product of the highest order. While we can create amazing products, nothing beats finding something that we can’t explain yet want desperately ourselves. When we found Bibo in a factory showroom, we had no idea what it was. It was just a strange looking clock that shouted “Bibo” over and over again until you tapped the stem on his head. We requested more information from the factory about exactly what Bibo was and got the strange explanation below. It was love at first sight for us, the explanation just deepened that love.

Good day! Story of Bi-bo.

This is an ancient God story and Love story in China. At that time there were two main powers; Snake Devil Woman and power called Sky Devil Religion, who likes drinking people’s blood very much. When the solar eclipse is coming is the time Sky Devil come out to control the world… They have a beautiful Phoenix God Woman to protect them against the Sky Devil.

One day, beside the very beautiful pool, there was one handsome young man who sit on a big stone and blowed flute to lead one fire Phoenix to the pool. Then he use cold pool water to extinguish the fire of this Phoenix and suddenly Phoenix change to be a very beautiful girl. Also, this handsome young man aroused one sleeping God Monster called Bibo to be protection God of Phoenix. This God Monster Bibo had slept in the bottom of the pool for over thousands of year. Bibo is a God Monster with intelligence. He has two big eyes, and he knows very well what people want to do. He cannot speak, but only “Bi-Bo.” When there is any danger happened, he will speak. The top of his head will light up and his hip will makes many colorful smoke to help him survive because this smoke is very stinking and it can hinder the sight of his enemies.

We love Bibo very much because he always survive by using some funny ways.

The clock is long gone, but our love for him is still strong. So, we are proud to introduce the Squeeze Bibo and the Bibo Painting.

Here’s an original catalog page with pictures of the clock and the companion clock, Lucky Boy. Click for a larger size.

Catalog 32

Beard of Bees Failure

EDIT: Since this post was published, we have finally figured out a way to make our dream a reality. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR BEARD OF BEES!

Where would we be without our dreams? All progress is based on coming up with a seemingly impossible idea and then figuring out how to make it reality.

One of our dreams, as a company, was to mass-produce an affordable, well-made, novelty beard of bees. It sounds silly and simple, but the complexities involved eventually caused us to abandon the whole project. In fact, the only existing prototype is in a cardboard box in our archives.

Our first thought was to print the bees on some cloth, but that looked bad. Why bother if it’s going to look fake? What potential mate would see this printed cloth beard of bees and think to themselves, “Wooooeeee! That is one fine looking bee beard”? No one would, so it was abandoned.

Prototype of Beard of Bees

So, we asked for a beard that we could cover with bees. Here is the suggested beard:

Beard and Mustache Disguise - Do Not Dryclean

If you look carefully on the beard package you can see that it says, “Do not dry clean.” This is good advice for facial hair of all types.

Our next step was to develop a realistic looking bee to stick to the hair. Simple enough, we’re experienced in the plastic insect business.

Then, we asked for a sample of them on the beard, but they wouldn’t stick. Instead we were sent what you see below: beard shaped netting with a few bees glued to it. There were three problems with this. First, the beard weighed over two pounds. This may not sound like a lot, but it’s enough to make your face tilt forward while wearing. The second problem was that to get enough bees to make it look realistic it would have had a retail cost of around $60. And lastly, it still didn’t look right. Instead of attracting a potential mate, it would simply confuse them as they tried to figure out why you had a bunch of bees stuck to a net under your chin.

Beard of Bees! - Failure

Eventually, we just used the idea as an April Fool’s day joke.

Yet, we still dream that the world will have an affordable novelty beard of bees. Perhaps, one day, technology will catch up with our imaginations.

Zombie Mints and Possible Time Travel Problem

Gibson of the past, meet now Gibson

While searching for an image to use on our Zombie Mints tin in an old French anatomical book, Matt was shocked to find the drawing above.  It looks just like our co-worker Gibson Holub. At first we all thought it was funny, but after watching the last season of Lost, we have a new theory. We think that this drawing, done in France in 1865, is incontrovertible proof that Gibson is about to travel back in time, join the Dharma initiative and then die for reasons that won’t be explained until next season.

You have to admit, it is creepy to find a drawing of yourself with your brains exposed.