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He She Jem Doll, Do You Remember?

The He She dolls were an actual factory mistake. See, there was this cartoon show called Jem about an imaginary pop star and she wore crazy clothes. When they went to make the action figure they accidentally put a male head on the body. We can’t be positive, but the one in the picture above [...]

Funny Or Not Funny – Mustaches!

Gibson and Nai discuss the level of humor in different types of false mustaches.

Another Recently Discovered Bibo Appearance

This is an ad from 1950. Not sure what exactly Bibo was selling, except himself. Find more Bibo here.

The Plaintive Yodel of the Lederhosen

There’s a room in our building that used to be a racquetball court, but has since been turned into storage. For a while today, it was empty and we decided to see what our Remote Controlled Yodelling Lederhosen sounded like in that environment. Here, in 14 seconds, is how the tragedy played out.

Who is Bibo? Why is Bibo?

Our oldest fans know who Bibo is already, but some of you who found us more recently might only recognize him from the masthead of this blog. A little explanation is in order. Bibo is a found product of the highest order. While we can create amazing products, nothing beats finding something that we can’t [...]

Beard of Bees Failure

EDIT: Since this post was published, we have finally figured out a way to make our dream a reality. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR BEARD OF BEES! Where would we be without our dreams? All progress is based on coming up with a seemingly impossible idea and then figuring out how to make it reality. [...]

Failed Product Sample – Shamrock Skull

We love when factories send us samples of things they think we’ll like. For instance, this festive Shamrock Skull which we assume was designed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The festive green and shamrock on the forehead would surely please anyone looking to celebrate their Irish heritage. We won’t be carrying it.

New Engrish

This is some of the most poetic Engrish ever. Found on a Bento Box sample. “Regardless the timespace how to change the, the of the crystal, the whole life is constant.

Zombie Mints and Possible Time Travel Problem

While searching for an image to use on our Zombie Mints tin in an old French anatomical book, Matt was shocked to find the drawing above.  It looks just like our co-worker Gibson Holub. At first we all thought it was funny, but after watching the last season of Lost, we have a new theory. [...]

Off-Brand April Fool’s Pranks

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, Secret Fun Blog has dipped into their seemingly infinite supply of old novelty items to provide beautiful pictures and stories about the off-brand version of the all time best pranks. They’re doing one a day for the whole month. Including this early precursor to our Emergency Yodel Button. He also [...]