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Gorillaz, the Yodelling Pickle and Archie McPhee

The popular rock band Gorillaz used our Yodelling Pickle sound on an album. We said it was fine if they gave it away to their fan club, but if they sold it on an album we’d have to talk again. They decided to sell it without talking to us. So, we made a commercial with it. Enjoy!

The original yodel was performed by Joe J. Thomas in exchange for a gross of Rubber Chickens!

Free Rubber Chicken for April Fools Day!

Help Un-Bury Jeff!!!

Instead of tricking you with fake products on April Fools Day, we have decided to treat you to a FREE RUBBER CHICKEN!

That means that the first 100 customers at our retail store on April 1st will get a free rubber chicken. It also means that anyone who orders on from 6PM on March 31st to midnight on April 1st will get a free rubber chicken with their order.

No one is really sure how rubber chickens came to be or why they’re funny, but that just seems to make them funnier. One thing we do know, however, is that getting one for free will give you a silly sense of satisfaction.

Yes, we’re crazy and this is probably just another symptom of our insanity. There is no coupon to clip or word to remember, just show up or order and claim your chicken!

Season 2 of Funny or Not Funny With Nai!

Nai has worked here almost since the company started and he has lots of opinions about what we sell. To film this, we put Gibson and Nai in a room together with a box of products and let Nai judge their level of humor. There are no gray areas. They are either funny or not funny.

Probably the most honest product reviews on the web!

In this, the premiere episode of season 2, Nai weighs in on World’s Largest Tweezers, Dear Leader Tongue Scraper, World’s Longest Beard and the Stress Cupcake.

Creation of the Unicorn Code

The Writing of the Unicorn Code

There were no cameras present when the Magna Carta was written. There was no visual documentation of the authorial process behind the Declaration of Independence or the good ol’ US Constitution. So, we knew we had to take a picture of the moment of creation of what may become the most important document known to man: The Unicorn Code.

Here is the text in its entirety:

The Unicorn Code:
1. Unicorns never cheat.
2. Unicorns always lend a helping hand.
3. Unicorns don’t talk to strangers.
4. Unicorns respect the Earth.
5. Unicorns are never late.
6. Unicorns aren’t conceited.
7. Unicorns don’t judge people.
8. Unicorns always give 100%.
9. Unicorns graze on peace and love.
10. Unicorns don’t do drugs.

If you would like to carry around this important moral doctrine with you at all times, you can buy a Unicorn Code Bag.

Perhaps no one can always live up to the code, but shouldn’t we all at least try?

Developing The Inflatable Cat

I know the first comments on this post are going to be that we made the wrong choice, but let me explain why we did what we did. Our first impulse when we had the idea for Cat-In-A-Can was that it should just be a photorealistic cat printed on an inflatable body. A staff member volunteered her cat, Lily, who underwent an intense all-angles photo-shoot. From the side, you can even argue that it looks better than what we went with…

Inflatable Cats from the Side

From the front, the limitations of the shape and detailing of inflatable objects turns the realistic cat’s face into a seriously deformed and deeply disturbing, sad-eyed cat/pig demon that haunts our dreams.

Creepy Photorealistic Cat Face - Inflatable Cat

Some people even had problems identifying it as a cat. We went with the less interesting but less creepy cartoon cat, but I had to share what could have been.

Photorealistic Cat Face - Inflatable Cat