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“Twisted Toys from Twisted Minds”

Seattle Times artist Gabriel Campanario, the Seattle Sketcher, recently paid a visit to Archie McPhee headquarters and spent some time with the fine, feverishly creative members of our graphics department…

…as well as Mark Pahlow, Archie McPhee founder and our fearless leader.

Click here to view all of Gabriel’s Archie McPhee sketches and profiles.

Shana talks pop culture and bringing home the bacon

Rachel Tepper from The Huffington Post recently sat down with our very own Shana Iverson, High Priestess of Rubber Chickens, to discuss a few of our favorite topics, Bacon, weird candy and other food-related products, and their ever-increasing popularity in popular culture.

Read the article here.

Funny or Not Funny With Nai

Here is the first episode of our new web series, Funny or Not Funny With Nai. Nai has been with Archie McPhee for almost 20 years and is the person we go to for wisdom. He is also one of our most opinionated employees and is not shy about sharing what he thinks of our products.  After the many long discussions we’ve had with him, we decided to film one and share it.

Free Web-Based Emergency Yodel Button

As a company, we feel a certain responsibility to cheer people up during difficult times. The current economic downturn, bad weather and the confusing, lackluster third season of Heroes have all contributed to our decision to release a free, web-based version of one of our most popular products, the Emergency Yodel Button. This is cloudware of the highest order, fully integrated with your actual Yodel Button. It has a brand new feature, multi-yodel generation capacity. This new feature allows the yodel button to yodel with itself when the button is pressed multiple times.

So, the next time you find yourself depressed, grumpy or constipated and you have web access, just go here and press the button to make everything all better.

Emergency Yodel Button

Jesus Action Figure in the Weekly World News

Jesus Action Figure in the Weekly World News

Click image for a larger, more readable, version.

Sure, we’ve been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, but for us the highlight of our mentions in the press came in 2002 when the now web-only Weekly World News called about the Jesus Action Figure. They were everything you would hope they would be. The woman who called had a scratchy smoker’s voice and was shocked when we said we were big fans. My guess is that no one had ever told her that before.

We were happy to supply a quote that implied the action figure had healing qualities without promising anything. She was glad to get it because, she said, they had to make up quotes most of the time. The article was published under her pen name, Max Durango.

They published a follow up story without asking for another quote.

Although we did sell a lot of action figures as a result of the articles, we got returns from people who didn’t get healed by it.

Our Book Reviewed – The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times reviewed our book, Who Would Buy This, today. The review is by Jack Broom, the man who helped make the Librarian Action Figure world famous. Not only did he enjoy the book, he dubbed our boss “The King of Quirk,” a nickname that will be repeated often in our offices. Of course, he also called him a genius, so we have a feeling our teasing won’t sting too much.

Broom’s conclusion:

The question posed in the book’s title is apt: No one needs this volume, any more than they’ve needed any of the items described inside it in. But the human appetite for fun, amusement — or simple diversion — shouldn’t be underestimated.

And we swear that we shall never underestimate that appetite. Overestimate it, sure, all the time, but we will never undershoot.

Click here for the full review