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The Last Rubber Chicken in Ballard

After 10-1/2 years, at 3:37 p.m., on May 31, 2009, the last Rubber Chicken at the Ballard Archie McPhee store was photographed, tagged and taken away. The floors were swept, the cornucopia of stuff hanging from the ceiling taken down and the giant devil head transported eastward in the back of a pickup truck beneath [...]

Archie McPhee’s Owner on NPR

Our owner Mark, discusses his book about the history of our company on NPR with Jeremy Richards! Click here to listen, Mark starts about 12 minutes in.

Mark’s Rant – Privacy, Red Lights and The Mob!

Hello, I’m Mark, I own Archie McPhee and I wanted to use this blog to share some of my views and recommend books I like. If you are here just for the crazy, fun stuff you can just skip my rants. Of course, your life would be diminished because of it, it’s your choice. One [...]