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Interview With Seth Godin,
The Marketing Guru Action Figure

When we were looking for a model for our Marketing Guru Action Figure, one name came up again and again: Seth Godin. In addition to his career as a world famous marketer and founder of websites, Seth also writes an extremely popular blog. He preaches the end of marketers as media buyers and instead pushes [...]

Disturbing Novelty Cigarette Package – Realistic Cigarettes

We have a huge museum of novelty items here at Archie McPhee headquarters and we occasionally go through them to look for new ideas. One feature of One common feature of traditional novelty packages from Japan is to draw a picture illustrating how the product is intended to be used. This gets around having to [...]

The Archie McPhee Book is here!

Our new book, Who Would Buy This? The Archie McPhee Story, is here right now and ready to purchase. If you buy it from us, you’ll get $5 off the $24.95 cover price! It’s chock full of beautiful color pictures and the stories behind some of our most famous products. The long term fan will [...]

Engrish Part 1 – Magic Metal Puzzle

We often get product samples with badly translated English on them. In this case, it wasn’t so much poorly written as it was awesomely written. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the product does not actually possess any magical powers.

The First Archie McPhee Catalog

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve scanned and posted our first catalog! The text below it is from the introduction to our upcoming book written by owner Mark Pahlow describing exactly how this catalog came to be. I did the primitive layout for those first few (catalogs) myself.   I’d take bad black and white photos [...]