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In praise of the Pigeon Mask

We created a new blog to celebrate our Pigeon Mask and the awesome people who choose to wear it, making the world a more fun and interesting place. To submit a Pigeon Mask picture for the site, email [email protected] The get your very own Pigeon Mask just click here!

Cats love it!

We’d like to share a few recent sightings of one of our favorite products, the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. Cat’s love it! The fun began when Redditor Alterx shared this fantastic photo: Which prompted Redditor k41y17 to share a photo of her own cat clearly enjoying his/her own fabulous Inflatable Unicorn Horn: A short [...]

Googly-eyed shenanigans at ECCC

Jenny Sparks and her husband Lars made brilliant use of a pair of our Giant Googly Eyes here in Seattle last weekend at the Emerald City Comicon. They mounted the Giant Googly Eyes on a stick and asked cosplayers to pose for photos with them. As you can see the results are nothing short of awesome. Even our [...]

Balloon Bibo

This has got to be one of most unusual surprises we’ve ever received at the Archie McPhee store: These awesome customers brought us a great big version of our beloved Bibo character made entirely out of balloons. This might just be the best balloon animal ever. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: [...]

Customer Created McPhee Commercial

Turkey Day from Jillian Suleski on Vimeo. This commercial, made by the very talented Jillian Suleski, looks at what happens when a family’s Thanksgiving dinner is invaded by Archie McPhee. We love it!

Creepers Collection

Amateur Gourmet has a great post about a guy named Craig who, as you can see in the picture above, had an awesome collection of what he called “Creepers” when he was a kid. He came back to Archie McPhee as an adult and even though he didn’t specifically find any new Creepers for his [...]

Zac Tours Seattle

Here’s what you need to know. 1. Zac is awesome. 2. He toured Seattle. 3. The video of his tour was edited to a Jurassic 5 song. 4. He underwent an Archie McPhee chickenification process. After watching the video, you may return to your normal life exactly 35% happier than you were before you watched [...]

Awesome McPhee Tattoos

Kevin stopped in to show his body art. Now that’s dedication! Martian Popping Thing and Rubber Chicken tattoos.

Mint Reviews

We couldn’t stop thinking about this mildly disturbing review of our curry, absinthe and corndog mints all weekend. That means you get to watch it today.

Keenan is Back

It was the late 1990s, the X-Files was on TV and our catalog was still in black and white. It was then that Keenan the Wonderkid wrote a report about us for school. We have no idea what class it was for or what grade he got, but we decided to use quotes from his [...]