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Announcing Monkey Goggles!

You will be forgiven if your first thought when you read the headline was that Archie McPhee was going to start making glasses for monkeys, it totally sounds like something we would do. But in this case, Monkey Goggles refers to a website. Think of it as a literary magazine whose sole sponsor is Archie [...]

The Mothman Cometh!

  We were excited about our new Cryptozoological Play Set, but also nervous about the reaction from those that study cryptids. Would we get the details right? Would they appreciate our take? Well, about ten minutes after it went up on the site, we got an email from someone telling us we got Mothman right! [...]

Customer Envelope Art!

One of the things we miss about getting most of our orders through the mail is the way customers used to decorate their envelopes. People didn’t just put a stamp on them and send them out, these folks spent some serious time and effort. While I was going through an archive, I came across a [...]

The True Story of Zombie Jesus! (Even though you probably won’t believe it.)

The story of the Zombie Jesus is hotly debated by our customers. They accuse us of cleverly importing a Zombie Jesus and trying to market it as a production mistake. Even when we tell customers the truth, they tend not to believe us. So, I’m here to set the record straight. It was a mistake. [...]