Free Rubber Chicken for April Fools Day!

Help Un-Bury Jeff!!!

Instead of tricking you with fake products on April Fools Day, we have decided to treat you to a FREE RUBBER CHICKEN!

That means that the first 100 customers at our retail store on April 1st will get a free rubber chicken. It also means that anyone who orders on from 6PM on March 31st to midnight on April 1st will get a free rubber chicken with their order.

No one is really sure how rubber chickens came to be or why they’re funny, but that just seems to make them funnier. One thing we do know, however, is that getting one for free will give you a silly sense of satisfaction.

Yes, we’re crazy and this is probably just another symptom of our insanity. There is no coupon to clip or word to remember, just show up or order and claim your chicken!