Video of Bibo!

We never even dared to dream that this video existed! Thanks to a comment on a previous post and some Chinese language Google searches, we have actual footage of Bibo in action on the show Flame Bathing Phoenix.

Bibo happy. Bibo sad. Bibo’s bodily functions. It’s all there.

We thought more explanation of Bibo might make us find him less intriguing, instead it just increases the mystery.

We love you Bibo, now and forever.

You read more about our history with Bibo in our book.

9 thoughts on “Video of Bibo!

  1. Sarah

    That is by far the strangest and probably most disturbing yet fascinating thing I have ever seen on film! Bring on the Bibo!!!!!!

  2. Bill Bibo

    This is fantastic! A terrible mix of the wonderful and the “huh?”! I want more!

    As our surname is Bibo I’ve got every Bibo thing Archie’s has ever sold, with the exception of the oil painting. My wife thinks it is too creepy.

    Keep bringing us more Bibo stuff!

    And, no, we are not Chinese but German-Dutch. Bibo is everywhere!!

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