11 thoughts on “Older Gentleman Smelling Gorilla Suit

  1. Maika

    I will always wonder what he wondered the suit might smell like and whether or not it met his expectations. Suit sniffer!

  2. Tanuki


    Three words: 911 on speed-dial. Although I ‘spect a YouTube video of the results of a suddenly yodelling gorilla would prove popular.

    Unca Archie:

    Was he really sniffing? Or just leaning in for a closer look at the “fur”? Just wonderin’.

  3. Uncle Archie Post author

    He was indeed sniffing. There is other evidence that we can’t post and there are two eyewitnesses.

    Maika: Gorilla suits smell like sweat and bananas.

  4. ben

    oh, oh i have just come up with a better one ‘dont make a monkey out of him or he may go ape’.

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