Failed Snow Globes

Every once in a while we get samples from a factory that we didn’t ask for. This company decided to show us what some of our catapult ammunition would look like in snow globes. The person who put them together had a great sense of humor, but we decided not to buy them. These are one of a kind samples.

First, a snow globe that features a gang of cats about to savage one of their own.

Cat Attack Snow Globe

The three top cats are berserk with rage. The cat on the ground looks out at the person holding the globe as if to say, please help me, take me home and I will be a good, snuggly kitty. But, it’s too late. The attack has already started. And, if you shake it, it will happen in the snow!

Which brings us to our next globe, Rubber Chickens sitting on fence.

Rubber Chicken Snow Globe

These two Rubber Chickens are just chatting away. The first one says something like, “Dear Lord, we are trapped in a glass cage and submerged in liquid. Can this hell get any worse?”

Then the second one says, “Yes, the earth will begin to shake and then it will snow. Gee, this fence is uncomfortable. Maybe I shouldn’t straddle it.”

For the more serious minded, there’s always the business people globe.

Executive Snow Globe

This one takes on special new meaning with the recent financial woes of Wall Street. We imagine these four poor souls standing outside their bankrupt brokerage house, unsure of what to do next as snow whirls around them.

How about four ninjas in a globe?

Ninja Snow Globe

The battle is about to begin. Each is locked in a pose of readiness… Or! Shake shake shake!

Ninja Snow Globe - Snowing

No! It’s not a fight. It’s a ninja disco! These four black-suited dancing fools are busting a move as glitter falls from the ceiling of the club.

Perhaps that’s all we need for world peace – a handful of glitter and an irresistable beat.

18 thoughts on “Failed Snow Globes

  1. Maika

    To me it looks like the ninjas are playing in a snowstorm. I love the idea of super stealthy ninja assassins dropping their cool facade for a moment to have a winter romp and maybe make some snow ninjas.

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  3. babsie

    Oh, man, I’d get the rubber chicken snowglobe in a hot second. What is wrong with you guys??? How could you say no to THAT????

  4. Carly

    I would definitely buy the ninja snow globe, and possibly more than one, since several of my friends are more than normally enthusiastic about ninjas.

  5. meerkat

    Ninjas plus snowglobe plus glitter equals awesome! Much awesomer than pirate snowglobes, although that would also be pretty awesome.

  6. pearlseed

    Ohmyword!! You have the bestest job. All these remind me of a bell my sister and I saw at Christmas, clear glass with a little angel clapper. When you shook the bell, the little angel clapper looked for all the world like it was trying to dash its little brains out–the ninja disco is ultimo.

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