6 thoughts on “Copier Repairman at Archie McPhee

  1. The Phantom Creeper

    Where, oh where can I find a hand chair? I’ve been wanting one since I was a mini-Phantom, and the only store I found that ever had them sold their whole inventory of two before I was out of high school! Is McPhee responsible for this bit of furniture genius?

  2. Uncle Archie Post author

    We were not responsible for them, but can tell you that UPS changed their over-size rules which made it impossible expensive to ship them. When we carried them you could just slap a UPS sticker on the palm of the hand and give it to the driver.

    Good times. If you do a quick google search, you’ll find some places selling them. The first I saw had a $100 shipping fee on a $200 item. Yikes!

  3. The Phantom Creeper

    Thanks for letting me know :) I remembered after commenting that, I, too, knew how to use Google, and found the *exact* same site (With the insane $100 shipping!) It seems like the only way I’ll get that chair for the $99.50 it used to sell in the store for is if they ever re-order it, but who knows, maybe Arrested Development brought back a surge of ‘em!

    Thank you for making the Jumbo Handle Bar Mustache, though!

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