Approved By The Council of Monsters

Council of Monsters Cake

We love monsters at Archie McPhee. So, when the great Council of Monsters offered to put their seal of approval on our monster products, we couldn’t have been more pleased.  They even let us put it on a t-shirt! Today, the new Monster Bandages arrived. It is only by joining together with our monster brethren that we can move forward into a brighter future.

From their website:

The Council of Monsters exists for the glorification and advancement of monsters and monster culture. We will accept for membership any monster regardless of race, religion, gender, number of additional limbs or method of creation. We realize that monsters can be created by man, nature, mythology, magic, toxic spills, food additives, fires in opera houses and, in some cases, possession by evil creatures.

3 thoughts on “Approved By The Council of Monsters

  1. Uncle Archie Post author

    If it takes off, we’ll do a lady version of the shirts for sure. We’re just starting to get products in that have the seal of approval on them.

    We’re huge fans of Forbidden Zone here, by the way.

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