Our Book Reviewed – The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times reviewed our book, Who Would Buy This, today. The review is by Jack Broom, the man who helped make the Librarian Action Figure world famous. Not only did he enjoy the book, he dubbed our boss “The King of Quirk,” a nickname that will be repeated often in our offices. Of course, he also called him a genius, so we have a feeling our teasing won’t sting too much.

Broom’s conclusion:

The question posed in the book’s title is apt: No one needs this volume, any more than they’ve needed any of the items described inside it in. But the human appetite for fun, amusement — or simple diversion — shouldn’t be underestimated.

And we swear that we shall never underestimate that appetite. Overestimate it, sure, all the time, but we will never undershoot.

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